DrupalCampGent program

Tomorrow, May 25th 2012 and the day after, I will be attending Drupal Camp Gent. This is a totally free conference totally dedicated to Drupal. When I say "free" I mean totally free. Even the coffee and the lunch is free. NICE!

The program looks very nive with a lot of diversity in topics and difficulty levels. The topic are nicely spread out so the need to be at two places at the same time is minimized. Just on Saturday there are a few simultaneous presentations I want to attend. I sure hope there will be video's available afterwards.

Today I was trying to print out the program, but stangely enough the names of the sessions did not come through in Firefox. I tried switching on printing the background colors and images, but that made no difference. Weird. I did not have time to find out what was causing this - could be a bug in the print css styling - so I just made screen captures and stuck them together in Word. I then saved these in PDF format. You can download them below.

Drupal Camp Gent Friday 25th of May Program

Drupal Cam gent Satruday 26th of May Program

I sure plan to have fun and tweet about it (assuming they have WiFi).

Next year I will be entering a paper on SEO in Drupal. I did not have enough time this year to prepare one as I am in the proces of moving to a full time freelance occupation. That sucks up all the time I have.